August 9th 2018: We updated the server to version 1.4.0. (Changelog)

Getting help & reporting bugs

If you encounter a bug or have a question that is not yet covered in the documentation, please open a new issue in our github repository or contact us .

Downloading our higher-order motif databases

Our higher-order databases can be downloaded from our data server. We would like to express our gratidute to the GTRD team for kindly giving us early access to their upcoming ChIP-seq database releases.

Getting the server source code

The webserver code is open source and can be found at our github repository. For more information on the licensing and how to run the server locally, please refer to the github repository's README file.

Downloading the commandline tools

PEnG-motif (seeding stage) and BaMMmotif (higher-order refinement) are freely available as command line tools under GPL license. Please refer to the respective README to find out how to use them and how to get help.