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Results for example run

Discovered seeds

You can select up to 4 seeds for higher-order refinement.

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Selected Motifs IUPAC PWM reverse Comp. motif AvRec % occurrence Download
SSGATGASTCA <bammmotif.utils.meme_reader.Meme <bammmotif.utils.meme_reader.Meme 0.935 0.981
CGSSSSCG <bammmotif.utils.meme_reader.Meme <bammmotif.utils.meme_reader.Meme 0.716 0.151
TGAYGTCA <bammmotif.utils.meme_reader.Meme <bammmotif.utils.meme_reader.Meme 0.945 0.055

General settings

Job id: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
Input sequences: ExampleData.fasta
Search on both strands: True
Background Sequences: not set
Background Model Order: 2

Seeding stage

Pattern Length: 8
Z-Score Threshold: 10.0
Count Threshold: 5
IUPAC Optimization Score: MUTUAL_INFO
Skip EM: False